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Mobilis Elite Multi-pole conductor rail

Mobilis ‘ELITE’ is a high quality multi-pole conductor system available in either 4 pole or 5 pole configuration

The use of copper conductors in all intensities (40, 60, 100, 130, 160 & 200 Amp) provides improved conductivity hence reducing the problems of voltage drop on longer installations.

The cellular structure of the PVC enclosure provides a strong profile and ensures true ‘finger-proof’ security with IP23 compliance, standard systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications in ambient temperatures from -20 degC to +55 degC, and for use at either high or low levels.

Simple conductor connections together with clip on joint covers and hangers ensure that installation is quick and easy thereby reducing costly man hours, equipment hire and site disruption.

Standard collector trolleys rated at 40, 80 and 120 Amp are available.